Raising A Kid By Fulfilling All The Demands, You Might Be Over-Parenting

Parenting is not so simple. The hardest part of parenting is to teach kids the right thing. Children take everything the way you treat them. It runs a long way in building their personality.

Raising great children is all about offering them every opportunity to grow. But we should limit them within the confines of restrictions. It requires a sincere effort on your part to know them. We should have an idea of their unique personality. Understand their desires and passions.

Often we raise our children by fulfilling all their demands. We are scared to tell our children no. Because we assume they will feel loved if we say yes. We want them to match in with their friends because it is hard to be different. We guess it is always manageable only to give in.

We have to understand their demand is good or bad for them.

Some parents do not wish their kids to fail. I admit nobody wants to do that. But we should want them to fail so that they can learn a way to get back up. We should want them to not get every gift they seek on their Christmas list. So they feel blessed with what they have and work for what they do not.

Sometimes parents provide children too much stuff that is costly. They do not expect children to do chores. They do not maintain acceptable restrictions and let children run the family. Those parents are over-parenting. They give their kids such things or experiences, that are not suitable for the kid’s age or their interests.

Discipline is mandatory for every household. The purpose of Discipline is to enable kids to choose positive behaviors. It teaches them self-control. They require those limits to grow into ethical adults.

Establishing house rules helps kids realize their parent’s expectations.

A Healthy discipline instructs kids on alternative ways to get their desires. Kids need to learn problem-solving skills, impulse control, from proper training. It is essential to define the difference between consequences and punishments. We can not discipline kids for talking back one day and avoid it the next. Being consistent teaches what we expect.

If we make our whole lives revolve around our kids, they will grow up believing everyone should cater to them. We must teach our kids to focus on what they have to offer the world.

Some families instill a competitive attitude and push into their kids that go on extraordinary aspects. Many people give their kids whatever they want, like Luxury cars, furnished flats, unnecessary toys, video games, etc. All this just made him arrogant. Then he starts to think he is so much better than everyone else.

Giving children everything they want has an enormous consequence on their growth. It can lead them to become spoiled and ill-mannered.

Some people advise parents to let children eat and sleep whenever they want, as much as they want.  These can cause children to get used to their parents giving in to their every fancy.

Children of negligent parents are likely to grow up with several negative personality qualities. The first unfavorable effect is that children become self-centered with little consideration for the feelings of others. They always put their priorities first. When they become adults, they will find it tough to work successfully in teams.  The reason is, they have not learned the value of teamwork. They can not show respect for others. Another disadvantage, some children have had all of their desires fulfilled by their parents.  They will find it rather hard to deal with setbacks and rejections. Which they will always have to face as they enter adulthood. Eventually, they will improve many personality disorders. Those will prohibit them from having a regular life.

One of the most helpful tools for our children is setting rules and limits. Logical, fair, reasonable boundaries that create a healthy environment for them. Such restrictions instruct children on a healthy and ordinary life. They develop our children to face hardships and circumstances in different atmospheres.

Some parents allow a 5-year-old kid to dress like a pop star. They permit twelve years old to watch an R-rated movie. Permit a Sixteen years old boy with a new driver’s license.

The risks of giving your kids everything they want is putting on below:

If kids get everything they want, then they do not have the chance to experience frustrations.

Frustration is a necessary emotion that enables kids to face practical challenges in the future. Similarly, parents become servants, always struggling to give their children everything they crave.

These children believe that their parents have to accept their every demand. As an outcome, they do not realize the responsibility to earn anything for themselves. The only reason could be they have never had to.

Eventually, these children will become selfish, bossy, forceful, impatient, materialistic, superficial, etc. They will not know the importance of effort, nor will they prefer to assume responsibilities in their life.

Today, there is a growing mode among parents towards trying to adjust their children’s every demand. They provide them more personal freedom. As for giving children too much independence, there are a great many difficulties in this world from which they need to be protected.

If parents maintain this permissive attitude of parenting, their children will rise with very different qualities.  Children who are never pushed to study will end up with lower grades in school. In brief, they will lead to dangerous and disappointing lives.

In the modern era, teenagers are arising to prefer day-to-day usage aspects as their parents are permitting them to do so. They think it can enhance their independent thoughts. The way kids look at their lifestyle with a future facet is wrong. For Instance, Many children in different countries have laptops of their choice. Kids complain that they feel bored when they do not have access to technology. Parents buy their mobile devices or other technical devices to remove their boredom. But it affects them badly. It ruins them. They spend all their valuable time on their phones. They barely socialize face to face anymore.

Do not buy your child a phone. Allow the child to earn the phone. Let them discover the value of a costly phone. Then they will get more likely to take care of the phone.

Parents may want their children a reliant lifestyle by fulfilling all of their desires. Children, who are granted every request generally develop an addiction to annoying. This dependence may bind them to the motivation to aim in life. It may take a huge loss on their school performance. As these children become adults, the inability to teach a dominant lifestyle. That will affect them to struggle in many aspects of life.


Some parents prefer to spoil their children to provide them everything they ask for. In the long run, they are not doing them any favors. You are not encouraging them to grow up or mature.

While kids manage to ask for stuff that is easy to get, your kids will quickly get old. The items they offer will only become more difficult.

Children begin to tolerate frustration when they do not get what they want. Incredibly between the ages of two and four. This is an invaluable portion of learning. They will not understand how to handle situations that do not go their way. Even they do not bother knowing how to make an effort to get what they want. In the long run, they do not learn how to function in society.

Learning to say no is very more effective than giving them everything they want. Your children will thank you in the future. You will see positive results in the future.

Parents should help their kids cultivate tolerance. The reality is parents often avoid their children from learning patience. We have overlooked that real-life problems are not solved in five minutes. It takes time to discover solutions to everyday struggles. So we must not be so quick to solve our children’s problems for them. A bit of a struggle is fair for them.

We should give children chances to improve responsibility. Our children need our help if they are going to learn essential life skills. We should give them regular chores. We also should hold them responsible for taking care of those responsibilities. Thus we will enable our children to become adults, not just grown-ups.

All children will face struggles when it comes to carrying out chores or duties. But if parents give up and do not assign age-appropriate duties for their children, their kids will grow up to be irresponsible.

If we want to put a smile on our kid’s faces, the best thing we can do is raise them generously. Assist them to become successful.

We should stop saying yes to everything they want. We should learn to say no when our children make unnecessary demands. You must be careful of the strategy that you say no. Do it firmly. It helps to grow their healthy development.


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