Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Review-With Expert Ratings



When it comes to preventing plagiocephaly and torticollis, the correct position is essential. No matter what you are doing, the right spot helps your child avoid flat head and tense neck syndrome. For moms and babies who are breastfeeding, an excellent location can affect much more than the shape of the baby’s head. To help in these cases, we can make use of a mimos flat head baby pillow or cushion.

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Review-With Expert Ratings 1

If your baby needs to be taller to reach the chest comfortably, you can use a small pillow or a folded blanket under the head, so that reaching you is not an effort. For safety reasons, avoid falling asleep with your baby in this position. Even though it can be tempting in the middle of the night, it is not safe. Move your baby to a firm surface where he can sleep on his back in the mimos pillow.

Although babies who are breastfed need to burp less than bottle-fed babies, they must burp if they seem uncomfortable. Belching prevents vomiting and is especially useful for babies with reflux. You can burp the baby on your shoulder, in your lap, or lie on your stomach on your knees while gently rubbing or patting on the back.

Proper positioning during breastfeeding is also an excellent way to avoid plagiocephaly and torticollis. Be aware of where the pressure in the baby’s head is and the best pillow for the baby. Change frequently, avoiding trouble in the same place day after day. If for anything, you will see that a low point is beginning to develop, go to your doctor’s office. Early intervention is essential, so if you are worried that your child is suffering from flat head syndrome then know the pillows for babies under 12 months, it is the first thing to do but also looks at the full mimos baby pillow review for better guidance.

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Description

Mimos Pillow is specifically designed to disperse pressure from Baby’s Head while Medically Evaluated for Effectiveness in the Rest Position-Results Published in a Health Journal. Thus your baby’s corrective placement may work well up to the age of 3 months; it can become tough to change the sleeping position of your child after this era.

This mimos flat head baby Pillow relieves the stress on the head of your baby and displays excellent outcomes, primarily when implemented at birth. It also helps reduce the resting and sleeping stress on your baby’s skull. Babies generally have a preferred side to sleep on, which means that the pressure is usually concentrated on one side of the head. As a child grows older, improving this sleeping position by repositioning and Tummy Time can be increasingly hard.

Repositioning needs unwavering attention, particularly during the night, and your child may be angry if they feel uneasy moving out of their favorite place. Mimos Flat head baby Pillow removes the need to worry about your child being repositioned continuously. Position your child to locate his or her head within the cavity of the side pillow for baby. By spreading the head weight over a much bigger contact region, this will decrease the stress.

Product Features

  • Effective distribution of baby soft skull pressure
  • Breathability TUV certification.
  • Certification of European safety EN71-1.
  • Certification of textile security— Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 baby secure.
  • Parents love the product. It is made in Spain, carefully crafted. It’s easy to wash the unique design cover.


  • Freedom of movement for the babies.
  • The Mimos pillow can be used on both sides as they have the indentation.
  • No head circumference.
  • Works for flathead and is breathable.


  • Various movements of repositioning babies.
  • The foam is weak and loses shape.
  • Too expensive.

Tips For Buying A Flat Head Baby Pillow


There are several flat head pillows on the market; therefore, you must pay attention to specific criteria at the time of purchase through a mimos baby pillow review. The characteristics to consider are the shape, brand, compatibility, and materials.

  • Form: a plagiocephaly mimos pillow should have an opening in the central area, to reduce pressure at different points of the head. This is its main feature.
  • Materials: the materials must be hypoallergenic, comfortable, with soft and resistant finishes. Verify that the materials used in its manufacture are safe and non-toxic, for this choice to choose a pillow of the best brands in the market.
  • Brand: the best brands offer you quality guarantees, avoid acquiring any pillow for flat head syndrome since it is something delicate. If it does not have the correct form, you will not be achieving anything. The cuddle plagiocephaly cushion is one of the most recommended, given its excellent value for money.
  • Compatibility: Finally, it is essential that the pillow is compatible for use anywhere, be it the bed, its crib, the carrycot, etc.
  • Lactation or Exercise: It is one of the most commercialized of the moment and the most expensive. This usually comes in oval or u shapes, made of materials such as cotton, memory foam, or cotton latex. It adapts to the baby’s head and body, allowing better breastfeeding and muscles to develop better.
  • One of the essential features of this mimos flat head baby pillow is that, in addition to adapting to the shape, it can prevent plagiocephaly. Also, its form allows breastfeeding or feeding the baby without the risk of drowning.
  • Anti-Reflux or Cradle: The mimos baby pillow made for the crib is also made with the materials of the previous one. One of the differences is its rectangular or square shape, which allows it to be inserted or accommodated in the crib, leaving your baby’s head slightly above avoiding drowning and plagiocephaly.
  • Multipurpose: They are smaller mimos baby pillows than cribs, but their size makes them fit in any space from cribs to cars or baby carriages. If you want a baby safe pillow that can perform different jobs offering typical performance, you must buy a multipurpose.

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Review-With Expert Ratings 1

Final Word

The mimos baby pillow is a piece that allows the baby to sleep peacefully on it. Besides, it offers other benefits such as anti-reflux, memory foam that helps the cushion to adapt to our body, is hypoallergenic, and much more.

A typical pillow can be used for an average adult or child; however, when it comes to babies, it is better to give them something special. In the world of baby pillows, three types stand out in the market: nursing pillows, cribs, and multipurpose pillows but read the mimos baby pillow reviews for proper guidance. It’s time to meet them at three.

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